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hey all

I don't think I've done this yet, so I thought I would introduce myself finally, LOL! :-)

~Name: Krystal

~ Age: 27 (will be 28 on the 1st)
~ Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
~ Robert or One Of His Characters? Robert, but I'll take Edward too!! :)
~ Why do you love him? He seems normal. You don't see him in the tabloids to often and he's a great actor.
~ What Robert movies have you seen? Harry Potter, Twilight, and I want to see more movies he's in.
~ How long have you loved Robert? Since Harry Potter. When I watched Harry Potter 4 the first I balled like a baby. I still can't watch that movie without crying, LOL!
~ What kind of roles would you like to see him in next? Something comedic and serious. And he needs to keep making the romantic stuff too, :-)
~ Here to contribute Robert graphics, icons, or fanfiction? Maybe. I also wanted to show my support as a fan too!
~ Suggestions/Comments: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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